Blogs I Read

These are a few of the blogs I read for humor or inspiration or blogging tips. I try to update this list periodically. Check some of them out if you have time!

Ernest Hemingway quote about writing.

Blogging Tips

The best blog advice ever! And some great online classes too, including the Pinterest class I took and loved!

Best Blogging Business
Rebecca always has wonderful blogging tips and resources and presents them in a fun way.

Mostly Blogging
Janice has a super blogecational (that's a word, I've decided) blog. LOADS of tips for bloggers and links to other tips and man, you can just get lost learning ways to improve your blog.

The SITS Girls
You can't talk blog tips without mentioning The SITS Girls blog. It's a team of women who have all kinds of blog tips and resources for bloggers.

Funny People

The More, The Messier
Her tagline is "Kids! Vomit! Mice! Now with Menopause!" What's not to love?

Bye Bye Pie
I discovered June's blog just recently and this lady cracks me up. She just writes about everyday stuff, but she's darn funny.

Mama's Losin It
Mama Kat is hilarious and hosts the Writer's Workshop and Vlogs and is active on Twitter and Pinterest and I don't know how she has time for all this plus watching kids in her house, but she does.

Airing My Dirty Laundry One Post At A Time
Amber writes about her life as a military wife and her two kids and autism. She introduced me to the wonder of animated GIF images and now I'm hooked, like it or not.

All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something
Kimberly writes about her husband and son and mental health issues. I love her realness and honesty and she's funny too.

The Engelbrecht Family
Jennifer lives in London with her family and writes about everyday stuff, always with a funny twist.

Two Teens and Their Mama
Lana is the sweetest, nicest blogger you'll meet. She writes about her family and fashion and mothering teen and up boys.

Toulouse and Tonic
Suzanne is just darn funny. Every. Single. Post.

Andrea is another funny blogger who just writes about everyday stuff but she has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.

Abby writes about her husband and three kids and biking and life in Colorado. She has a dry sense of humor that I can totally relate to.

Simply Shaunacey
Shaunacey is another sweet soul who shares fashion tips, inspirational posts, and writes about her family and young kids. I always enjoy her posts.

I may have left out a blog or two...I'll try to update this as often as I can. If I read your stuff and I left you out...get over yourself. Just Kidding! No really, drop me a note if I'm a regular to your blog and I didn't include you - it wasn't intentional, I promise!

A Little of Everything

I think everyone's heard of Rea. Amazing cook, writer, photographer...blah, blah, blah.

Adrian's Crazy Life
Adrian writes about a whole variety of life tips, many of them blogging tips. I always learn something reading her posts.

David is the most insightful blogger I've run across. He's an author, speaker and generally just an inspirational guy. His posts are full of wisdom and introspection and I absolutely love his writings.

Blogs About Addiction

I have written about addiction here, and I read about stories of addiction, because my youngest daughter, who I call The Girl, is an addict. Thankfully, she's in recovery now. 

Addiction is a parent's hell. 

If you have a loved one who is an addict, know that you aren't alone. There's lots of support out there for you.

Parents of addicts can only tell certain facets about what it's like to love an addict, to other parents of addicts. A parent who hasn't gone through it just doesn't completely understand what it's like. They can empathize, of course, and they care, of course. But they don't know what it's like. 

Here's some blogs I read, written by parents of addicts. If you are dealing with this and you need support, check out these blogs, and click the links in their blogs to other blogs by parents of addicts. You'll see how you aren't alone. Feel free to use my Contact Me link to send me an email if you want to talk.

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