Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Monday

I hate Mondays.  Not the whole day, really, just Monday mornings.  It's been that way since I was a kid.  I can remember not being able to sleep Sunday nights because I was so stressed about what the week would be like.  Yeah, I was a weird little kid.  Now those sleepless Sunday nights are like this:

I couldn't get this comic to show up bigger, but the punch line is that she says she's having guilt flashes.  That's me.  Only my flashes aren't limited to my kids.  They include the chores I didn't get done over the weekend, the exercise I didn't do, the work stuff I didn't finish, yada, yada.

Mondays are the beginning of the unknown.  Will the week's events put my Sunday night worries to rest, or add a whole new list for next Sunday?

Then I pull up my big girl panties and say to myself, "You self-absorbed twit! DO something about it!"  Because I realize that although unexpected things come crashing down on you out of nowhere happen,  there are alot of things that I do have some control over.  Many of the week's events are going to be as a direct result of my actions - or lack of them. the interest of having better Mondays, I'm going to make a list of the things I worried about last night and do 1 thing each day to improve the situation causing the worry.  I'm calling it Project Monday.  I won't bore you with the details, but I'll post an update Friday.  If I write nothing more about this, then it means it was a total failure and you should forget I even wrote this and don't ask me about it because then you will be pointing out my failure and it will be something else for me to worry about Sunday night.

Does anyone else want to join me in Project Monday?


  1. Sorry hon... Tuesdays are MY day for worrying about Mondays. On Sundays I only worry about missing Family Guy or the kids finding where I stashed the Snickers ice cream.

  2. I have nights like those too - any day of the week - I write a list in the middle of the night - feverish, scrawled, large loopy letters in the half dark, get it all out - then I can, well, eventually... sleep...

    oh, and Bravo for project monday !

  3. I worry any day that I have to get up before noon. I know that seems bad, but I'm always sure the alarm won't go off, or I'll be late, or whatever. Then I end up not sleeping most of the night. And this happens at least 4 days of the week.

  4. I think your project sounds awesome. Unfortunately, I can't walk. And I'm in therapy. So that's my excuse for not being proactive about my complaints. ;)

  5. I'll totally join you in project Monday. I am such a worrier. Just remind me to post an update on friday, ok? If i forget to keep notes, I'll just make up an amusing anecdote. I won't remind you, of course, because that would be just pointing out a potential failure.

  6. Mee2 - That comes from our womans "I-can't-let-anyone-down" mentality....and maybe a little OCD. But that's also what drives us to succeed in our lives, right?

    JenJen - Well, there's some things that have to run their course, I guess. Wish you well in recuperating from your surgery :-)

    Aussie Lori - Yay! An ally!

  7. ooh, i like that idea! a good way to turn a negative into a positive :)

    i worked in a restaurant for 2 years and i used to wake up in a panic in the middle of the night thinking things like "I NEVER GOT THAT GUY ANOTHER WATER!" or "I CAN'T BELIEVE I DROPPED THAT FORK!"

    ugh. what a nightmare.

  8. A wonderful idea and wish all of you the very best. Just breathe your way....... Namaste


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