Monday, April 5, 2010

No More Blog Blahs!

Well I done did it!  I messed with CSS code and everything.  With the help of lots of freebie sites and advice, I gave myself a blog makeover.  The header is still in the planning stages, and the fonts need some work - a process that looked too complicated for me to tackle at the moment - but all in all not a bad job if I do say so myself. 

If it's too busy for your taste, I apologize, but like my cousin Gina says, "If it's worth doin' - it's worth over-doin!"  Speaking of over-doing, I was so caught up working on my blog over the weekend, that my brother nicknamed me "Busty Bloggins".  I kind of like that.

Whew.  I'm so exhausted from the effort of my makeover that I really have no energy to blog at the moment.

But, I have to give credit to some super helpful websites I found in the process.  There are such creative folks out there in blogger world and the fact that they are willing to share their creations for free (or a donation) is darn nice.  So I'm going to end this post with a list of the websites that made changing CSS code not as hair-pulling-ly frustrating as I expected.  Or they just had really cute backgrounds and buttons.

Three Column Blogger

Oh yeah - What d'ya think?  Be honest.  But only if you like it.  If you don't then just lie.  Not really. I can take it.


  1. Oh wow! Awesome job, Lori. I luvs it.

  2. Oh!! Pink!! I lurrrve pink!! Looks awesome, Busty Bloggins!

  3. Nice job! Love it. Getting to know you through your blog...

  4. Great job for your first time, look out though, it's addictive!

  5. i think it looks LURVELY! not too busy at all- very simple and pretty!

  6. Love the new look--well done! Still fiddling with mine--I hate that my header is so big and I tried all sorts of resizing in HTML (trial and error and the help of on line tip sites) but I will probably change it again in a month or two so maybe then I can revamp it. UGH. I am worried about blowing the whole thing away completely.
    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In HTML I am constantly going "What did I do?" Arrrgghh.

  7. Thanks guys! I'm so glad y'all like it!

    Gems - Blogger has that new design tmeplate thing where you can resize your header and footer and customize everything real easy. The only thing is, if you want a background, I couldn't figure out how to get one on the customizable templates and not the minima one that most of the backgrounds are designed for. But if you keep your black background, that might work for you. I can only handle so much html or css and then I have to stop and take a break from it.

  8. You know I LOVES me some pink! LOL I think it looks awesome! :)

  9. You can't be serious! Are you all out of your blogging minds? You LIKE all this pink-polka-pukey froo-frah? If such girly-man motifs were worthy of names, this one's would surely be "Pepto Dismal". Blech!

    P.S. Don't tell wifey I said so... I assured her it looked fine (hey, I need to eat). But YOU all are supposed to be her friends. You HAVE to tell her the truth - even when it's the ugly.

    Love, New Kid on the Blog (Hubby)


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