Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Just Share Some Fitness Funnies, K?

Do you dream about food? I used to dream alot that I was in a donut shop and I couldn't decide which one to get. Then I got the better of my sweet tooth and now I dream I'm at a buffet. Even in my sleep I have to battle temptation. 
I don't have an inspiring story about how much weight I lost or how much I sweated exercising this week. I wish I did. But wishing won't get me anywhere, now will it?

I haven't gained. That's all I got. How about some funnies?


While we're on the topics of comics, I found a site where you can make your own comic strips and I'm so excited because now I can put more funnies in my posts and I don't have to worry about silly old copyright laws. 

I call this one Liquid Courage:

Ok, so it's not Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, but cut me some slack, it's my first one! I'm going to have sooo much fun with this site. Imagine all the the real life diet dilemmas and exercise folleys that can be broken down into a couple of word bubbles! If you want to give it a try, here it is.

Here's to keeping our sense of humor and our self-control!

Weightily Yours,


  1. LMAO! Seriously . . . I am laughing my ass off, sputtering coffee! That is GENIUS, and you did an awesome job!

    Did husband see it? What did he say? I'll be heading over there during BabyGirl's first nap today [priorities, ya know] ;)

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  3. You and your comics and your style, sweet Lori, you brighten my winter morning here in Australia, you really do......

  4. LOL that comic strip you made is so good!!! I'll have to have a go at that some time...

    Staying the same is definitely better than putting on! I have followed the same rules as when I did since I started... the past few weeks I haven't lost really... and I got really upset..

    ..this week I actually lost... I've done exactly the same things as before yet my body obviously decided that This Was The Week...

    I did notice my clothes are less fitted though- maybe you have lost inches? Do you keep a log?

    *big hugs* and thanks for the laughs!

    Gail xx

  5. I love Baby Blues!

    Just think of it this way: at least you didn't GAIN any weight!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Congrats on sticking with The Plan even though you didn't lose! At least you didn't gain.

    You did a great job with your comic. I'm going to check out that site.

  7. You are beyond awesome ...
    And I'm a big copy-cat. Well, not a big copycat since mine wasn't nearly as creative ...
    But I did have a lot of fun at that site!


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