Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toon Down the Stress

     Can I just share with you all my newest short-lived obsession?
Homemade Comics!
My work has me feeling extremely under-pressure these days and
making these goofy things has been a huge stress-reliever for me.

Then there's the toons modeled after our family, which I call the Dysfunktionals. I posted one Thursday then made a few more.
This one was an actual dialogue between me and The Girl, my 17 year old:

Hubby and I joke about our kid's selective hearing, which prompted this one:

Then there's Hubby's punny one-liners - loads of inspiration there:

If you haven't tried cartooning your family (or workmates, or neighbors, or anyone else who provides you blog material) you should give it a try. It's way easier then I thought. You can even make a widget for your sidebar with all your cartoons in it and readers can "cheer" or "jeer" you.

Don't pay too much attention to the jeers though, because to be honest, I think it's teenagers monitoring the site. I'm basing this assumption on the types of cartoons that seem to get the most cheers. Alot of them I really don't get. But maybe that's just me.

No matter, because it's still fun cartooning everyday stuff. The site is

Comicly Yours,


  1. They are funny. Cute & funny, like you.

  2. you really made these?? they're awesome- i've never heard of that site- i'll have to check it out. those were hilarious, by the way! and i LOVE that you said "for reals" :)

  3. Those are funny. I dont think I could do it. Will loose my patience at my family!

  4. Oh, these are so fun!! You are hilarious!! Great work! I'll have to show this link to my husband, he could have a BALL with those comics!!

  5. ha ha! Loved the first one. It had me laughing.

  6. So funny! I especially love the real ones. Like you can just hear the conversation.

  7. PMSL they are soooo funny!! "We have pudding?"

  8. That's so cute, what a great idea. Wish I would've thought of that.
    I took a writing class and we had a few weeks of cartooning. That was extrememly hard...obviously this site put the fun back in it.
    Thanks for sharing..

  9. Once again, you have me sputtering coffee! HOW did you make these? I checked out the site and was totally clueless . . . which PROVES that you are not only hysterically funny, but 1) smart and 2) cool =)

  10. Oh wow!! These are HILARIOUS!! I love the first one! I just had a similar conversation with my daughter tonight. And you sound JUST like me in the last one!! LMAO


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